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The pediatricians at Irondequoit Pediatrics firmly agree with the immunization policies and recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Center for Disease Control. We believe it is best for your child to receive these immunizations as listed on the vaccine schedule below. However, we will work with parents to come up with an alternate schedule if requested.

Birth ► Hepatitis B              
2 Month Visit ► Hepatitis B Pentacel (DTaP) Pentacel (Polio) Pentacel (HIB) Prevnar Rotateq    
4 Month Visit ►   Pentacel (DTaP) Pentacel (Polio) Pentacel (HIB) Prevnar Rotateq    
6 Month Visit ►   Pentacel (DTaP) Pentacel (Polio) Pentacel (HIB) Prevnar Rotateq    
9 Month Visit ► Hepatitis B              
12 Month Visit ►         Prevnar MMR    
15 Month Visit ►             Hepatitis A Varivax
18 Month Visit ►   DTaP   HIB        
2 Year Visit ►         Prevnar   Hepatitis A  
4 to 5 Year Visit ►   DTaP Polio   if none MMR   Varivax
10 to 11 Year Visit ►   Tdap (every 10 Yrs)     prior Gardasil
(2) if <15
16 Year Visit ►           Bexsero(2)   Menactra

Please download the PDFs below for more information about these diseases and their vaccines:

For more information about vaccines, here are a few sites for you to check out:

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