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Our practice at Irondequoit Pediatrics uses an effective approach to health care called the Medical Home ---- which does not refer to a place, but rather means your children will receive comprehensive, compassionate, and culturally effective medical care in our family-centered, nurturing environment. This type of approach gives you and your children access to a wide array of medical and non-medical services that will help them achieve their maximum potential. After all, that is our goal and our primary concern.

Whether you come for a sick child visit or a planned checkup, you can be confident that you and your child will have our undivided attention. We’ll do our best to make sure that each visit is fun and relaxed for both you and your kids, even when they are sick. At the same time, we’ll be serious about providing the most up-to-date care and answering your questions. We’ll be sure to try to bring a smile to your child’s face before he or she leaves. Most importantly, there’ll be no question in your mind that our primary goal is to help her or him grow into a healthy young adult.