We are happy to see that we can continue to provide care to all our patients through telemedicine visits! Thank you for allowing us into your homes as we try to make these video visits work to keep everyone safe.  We are happy that we can able to connect with our patients and families!

We will continue to see sick patients via Televideo visits and then in office if needed.  Please consult our webpage entitled “office news” dated March 18 for information on the types of visits we offer.  To keep all our patients safe, and practice social distancing, we are seeing patients initially via telemedicine, and arranging to be seen in person if necessary, after the telemedicine visit. 

Although we are welcoming the challenge of diagnosing, treating, and providing well care using this new technology, we are looking forward to real live visits in office.  In person visits provide the most exceptional care, and we are eagerly awaiting the time when we can do this without limitation.  We will continue to keep you updated on the current recommendations for these visits. 

Currently, we are keeping all scheduled well visits over telemedicine, and arranging safe times in office for kids to receive examinations, tests, and vaccines.  We strongly feel that it is important to continue to follow the vaccine schedule for all patients.  Besides, seeing all of you makes us all feel “grounded” and that we are still connected.

For sick visits, we have found that it has been helpful to have a flashlight handy in order to be able to see throats over telemedicine.



We feel that it is extremely important to practice social distancing.  This is important in order to slow the spread of the COVD-19 (coronavirus). The incubation period (time when you are contagious without showing signs of illness) for COVID-19  is 14 days.  Other than people who live in your house with you, we are always recommending staying at least 6 feet away from all other people . This means no play dates nor social gatherings (ie. no soccer games, no group runs). It is OK to go outside but keep distance from all others.  If we all do not do this, the virus will spread rapidly and there will not be enough medical resources to care for everyone.  We are already seeing a decrease in the rate of infection.

For more information, check out this link:

This a really nice and simple YouTube Video explanation of why social distancing is so important!:

A NOTE FROM DR. ALONGI, our psychologist:

COVID-19. Coronavirus. Pandemic. Our lives have all changed drastically in the last few weeks. Although an uncertain time, there are things we can still be certain about. When something feels out of our control, it’s easy to focus on all the things out of our control. My challenge to you and your families is to focus on what is in your control.

Our thoughts are powerful, if we think negatively, we feel negatively.  However, if we think positive, we feel great! Here are some ideas of positive thoughts and positive things to do with your kids during this time:

  1. Chalk Walk: Keeping social distancing in mind, leave messages on neighbor’s driveways and draw fun, happy pictures.
  2. Dress up: Get Halloween costumes out and have a Halloween day!
  3. for fun, active activities!
  4. Keep in touch with family or friends by video chat or sending letters or emails!
  5. As a family, check out 5 Minute Crafts or Crash Course on YouTube!
  6. Puzzles, Board Games, and Books!
  7. Have a family check in each night to talk about the day!

Remember we are here to help if your child is experiencing anxiety or behavior changes during this challenging time.  Please call us if you need help or are concerned about your child.


This is a time when many people are struggling to make end meet.  Here are some resources:

Basic Needs (Food, Shelter, Financial Support, Community Links, Crisis):

Monroe County Temporary Financial Assistance Program: 585-753-6477 .   Offering utility bills, rent, food stamps. Applications available at 691 Paul Street and 111 Westfall Road. Emergency Assistance for Food or Rent must be applied for in person at St. Paul Street.

The Community Place of Greater Rochester - Family Services: 585-288-0021 Offering family and emergency services including: Utility gas and electric bill payment assistance. Family support and case management. For those that live in zip codes: 14607, 14609, 14610, 14621

Baby Formula and Diapers:,,  Offering family and emergency services including: baby formula and diapers.

Catholic Family Center: 585-232-2050 Offering financial assistance, back rent assistance, utility assistance, emergency security deposit. Must have “pay or quit” or eviction notice.

South Wedge Food Program: 68 Ashland St. 14620 Open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm Services all zip codes


Spectrum: 1-844-488-8398 Offering free internet access.

Comcast: Offering 2 months free to new internet essentials customers.

Jewish Family Service of Rochester Supports the entire community, no matter the religion, and one of our core functions is essential needs. We have a food and clothes cupboard and some emergency financial resources. We created a helpline for the community to reach out who need resources: (585-461-0114) and email .

Here are some helpful links to information regarding the coronavirus: