Adolescence is an exciting time of growth and change...

We enjoy our patients at this important time of transition to their young adulthood. It’s a special time when we begin to relate with an adolescent as an individual without seeing their parents in the exam room. This way, we can try to pay special attention to their personal needs. We promise confidentiality between your adolescent and the doctor or nurse unless he or she requests otherwise, or if parental involvement is mandated. Of course, we always try to involve the parent as well. We meet with parents during the adolescent visits, too. We will give adolescents time alone with the doctor, not only for privacy but also so that they can grow into learning how to discuss and become active in presenting their own health concerns.

We know that this period of development can be a turbulent time. As your adolescent strives for independence, problems between him or her and you often arise. If you have concerns in this or other areas, please discuss them with us.

Adolescents are allowed certain rights as per State laws. Use this form to give us, and others, permission to access certain medical information.

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